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Fun Fact About ME!

With warmer (and longer) days just around the corner, our city is springing back

to life. Read on for some  local events you just don't want to miss out on, as

well as the insider tips and lifestyle cues curated just for you.


Keeping Cozy

A fun fact about me.

As many of you know, I coach master swimming early in the

morning... Meaning I am on a pool deck @ 5:30. For some that

sounds miserable, but for me it is true HEAVEN.





Pool deck must haves.

cozy coat ✅

hand warmer

boots ✅

wool socks ✅


Local Events


Tips & Tricks

12 celebrities to follow on Instagram for design inspiration.

Just because a celebrity has amazing taste in decor or art doesn't

necessarily mean they choose to show it off on Instagram. Some

use their pages primarily for promoting their work, some are all

about the selfies, and others entertain their followers with adorable

pictures of their children. But here, Architectural Digest has rounded

up the celebrities who share their design passions on their Instagram

pages enough to warrant a follow.


Patios for a chic outdoor oasis.

With spring just around the corner, it’s time to rethink your outdoor oasis. And even if you have limited space, believe it or not, you can still achieve your decorating goals. For inspiration, consider some of Elle Decor's favorite small patio designs -- from Hamptons escapes to cozy urban spaces.

Long-lasting flowers to brighten

any space.

You can never go wrong with a gorgeous arrangement of flowers in an interior, especially during the spring season. Florals can add a touch of elegance to a living room, dining area, or even a bedside table.To help you on your quest to find the right arrangement for your space, browse Farmgirl Flowers Founder Christina Stembel's list of her go-to blooms that will last long enough for you to actually enjoy them.


Millennials vs. The Silent Generation

A recent NAR survey and report delivered some interesting insights into the home buying similarities between millennials and the silent generation. Here are some key findings that may be of value:

* All generations of buyers found the services of an agent were needed as the primary resource to help them buy and sell their home. *Proximity to friends and family is a high priority: 53% of homebuyers between the ages of 22 to 29 and 74 to 94 listing this as a major influence in selecting a neighborhood. * BOTH groups were more likely than others to confer with a friend or relative regarding their home buying process, despite the resources made readily available by the internet, both younger and older buyers call on the advice of a trusted friend or relative. * 33% of homebuyers aged 22 to 29 reported living with parents, relatives or friends prior to buying a home. Of this 33%, 13% paid rent and 20% paid no rent. Of the next highest share was homebuyers aged 30 to 39, where 13% lived with parents, relatives or friends. * 64% of homebuyers aged 22 to 29 said the overall affordability of a home influenced their decision to purchase. * Homebuyers aged 40 to 54, Generation Xers, had the highest household incomes of any age group at $110,900. 11% of Gen X home sellers stated a desire to sell earlier but were delayed because their home was worth less than the mortgage. * Millennials as a whole made up the largest share of homebuyers over the past year (38%), marking the seventh consecutive year the group represented the most active generation of buyers. * Convenience to workplaces and commuting expenses were some of the most important decision-making factors. * 79% of older millennials hold at least a bachelor's degree, were also the most educated age group.


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