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December Newsletter

With the holidays just around the corner, our community is brimming

with festive events, seasonal insights, and plenty of cheer. Read on for

everything you should do this month and to discover lifestyle tips

curated just for you.

Real Estate in the News

2020 Real Estate Outlook

Mortgage rates will stay low—or maybe go lower.

Prices will keep on rising.

Inventory will be tight.

Millennials will keep up their home buying streak, while Boomers hold up inventory.

The suburbs will be a big draw thanks to Millennial demand.

The industry will continue to digitize. 


Local Events



The 25 most notable artist homes over the 

past 100 years

When it comes to real estate envy, it’s hard to compete with the home of

an artist. From Mariko Mori’s all-white apartment in Tokyo to Frida Kahlo’s

“Blue House” in Mexico City, I invite you to explore

20 picture-perfect winter centerpieces for holiday entertaining

If you're planning to entertain guests at home this year, consider

incorporating an inventive winter centerpiece to get them in the

holiday spirit. Here, discover 20 inspiring rustic centerpieces

that are designed to impress.


Great Finds

Let me know if you are interested. 

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