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Home Ownership

Even as we settle into the new year and back into familiar routines,

there's no reason to simply accept the reality of the winter blues. The

good news? I'm here to help you keep things interesting

and informative this month with these insights, news-worthy

moments, and local events. Enjoy!


It is all about... 


So much can be said when it come to the benefits of owning a

home. I would love to get on my soapbox and explain all of

them, but I will keep it simple. 

- Renting vs. Owning 

Your money is going to pay someone else's  mortgage instead of your own.

Typical rent in the bay area is $3500, and an average home is $1,500,000.

Just looking at the numbers, you will break even in 7 years.

- Investments

If you invest $200,000 as a down payment on a home versus the stock market.

In 10 years you home will make you close to another $200,000 home equity

alone. In contrast, in the stock market you can make $97,249 IF it is

performing well, and that's a big if.

- Fixed Cost

When buying you know how much your monthly payments are going to be for

the long haul. While renting, your cost can change year to year depending

on where you are renting.

- Community Involvement 

When you own your home, you are more likely to be staying put for a while.

That means that you will feel more connected and involved with your community.

- Educational Achievement  

The average child of homeowners is significantly more likely to achieve a higher l

evel of education and, therefore, a higher level of earnings.

Finding the DOWN PAYMENT

7 ways of getting a down payment for a HOME.

1. Save Your Tax Refund

2. Borrow From Parents

3. Sock Away a Set Amount Periodically

4. Ask the Seller to Give It to You

5. Check Out Government Programs

6. Tap Your Retirement Funds

7. Consider 100% Financing

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20 beautiful beaches across the globe. 

With pink sands and captivating cliffs, cerulean waters and hidden gems,

the best beaches from around the world are meant to be experienced

firsthand. From the red rocky arches of Morocco, to the sugary sand

beaches of the Philippines, here are 20 ideas for jumpstarting your

travel plans for 2020 along one of these charming coastlines.


Great Listing

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