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The Broiler Express!

It may look like your average corner diner, but The Broiler Express is anything but!

I was first introduced to The Broiler by my boyfriend and his family when we went there for breakfast one Saturday morning. I had a scrumptious ham and cheese omelette with toast, of course. Fast forward to a few months down the road, it became our date night go-to restaurant.

Before I tell you the dishes to taste and the drinks to have, let me first introduce you to the amazing people who operate behind the counter. No matter what time of day you walk in you will be greeted with the smiling face of the owner Isaiah. In the time that I have been going we have had countless conversations about life and family, and of course he knows my exact order. Then if you happen to wander in later in the day you might run into another gentlemen, John, who will tell you entertaining stories about his life and how he started working at The Broiler. The food and drinks are what got me to come back, but these gentlemen are the reason I stay and eat there.

Now the main dish, I am going to tell you the best thing on the menu, hands down, is the dreamy and creamy PEANUT BUTTER MILKSHAKE. After your first sip you will not be able to put it down. You will get little ribbons of peanut butter in the straw. It will remind you of your childhood and instantly reaffirm that you made the right choice in ordering this milkshake... I will not just tell you about the world’s BEST milkshake, but take a look at their menu… you will think there is no way they can do everything on this menu, but I am here to tell you I have tried things from breakfast burritos to the perfectly priced steak and eggs -- all the way to the pasta, hamburgers, and meatloaf-- everything on this menu is delicious.

Don’t let the outside fool you… The Broiler Express is a must for bay area residents.

A glimpse of the menu.

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